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1908 Schacht High Wheeler


This unique car is owned by a local collector. In doing my homework, I found very little about these great old cars. I found the history, but not much on how they operated. They are crank started, and have 2 pedals and a brake lever. There is no transmission, just a forward drive, I believe.

The Schacht Manufacturing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, was a wagon building company until 1904 when they decided to try putting an engine in one of their buggies. They installed a little twin cylinder 10hp water cooled engine in the rear compartment of the wagon. The runabout was designed for rural roads and had carriage wheels. They are very basic. The rear axle is chain driven.

You can find all of this information on line, so I won't bore you with it. This particular Schacht has an interesting back story. Our client found it through a friend of a friend. The car was restored by a gentleman in Kerrville, Texas who does this type of restoration. When our client found the car, it had been restored and was on display in the owners house. He had told the restorer to leave out all of the fluids and have the car museum ready to just display in his house. The gentleman passed and his daughter sold the car to our customer. He had it on display in his warehouse with his collection. You will see in the photos, that he had an antique set of floor jacks that he stored the car on. I'm sure the car could be started again by just refilling all fluids and doing some basic start up steps.

It is quite incredible to think that this car is now 115 years old. It needs to go to someone who will appreciate the beauty in this piece of our American history.

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