1925 Ford Model A Roadster


We would like to present this great 90 year old Ford Model A roadster.   We do not have any history on the car. We did decode the engine and discovered it is a 1930 engine. The car is titled as a 1928.    The paint looks presentable from a distance, but there is a great deal of cracking in the fenders as well as the body. It is obvious that the car was painted several years ago.   The interior shows well and is in good condition.    The gauges are working and even the push in dash light works.

The top is in very good condition and there is a matching boot for it.    The roadster has an original Zenith cast iron fuel pump.    The engine block number decodes to 1930.    The undercarriage is in very good condition. It is obvious that the car was restored at some point in it's life, but we have no idea when.   There are some spare parts in the trunk, including the side curtains and an extra set of plain wing windows.    

We also have 2 extra wheels and one extra white wall tire and 5 black wall tires if anyone is interested.    Here are some close up shots in which you will see the cracks in the paint.    The straps and one handle are missing from the trunk, but are available on line.    This is truly one of Henry Fords true survivors. I don't think any of our cars we drive today will be around 90 years from now. This is your chance to own a piece of automotive history and have fun doing it.

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