1929 Chevrolet AC International Phaeton

We have this great 90 year old Chevrolet AC International Phaeton in our current inventory. You can see it has right hand drive. In 1929 GM produced close to a million cars. There were around 78,000 built in Canada and several cars were built for the Australian market.   We are not sure of where this car was actually built, but it has it's original block and is still running great.   She is definitely in need of some restoration, but is fine to drive right now as she is. 

The original Chevrolet Steel Wheels are in very good condition.   The top is in need of being redone.

All of the wood frame work appears to be solid.

The only thing done recently, was a new gas tank was installed. The original was just too far gone to save. 
Of course at the same time, the lines were cleaned out. as well as the carburetor.    Be sure to watch the video to see the speedometer in action.   The old Stove Bolt 6 runs great and starts every time.    I decoded the block and it is a 1929 block. We assume it to be the original. The head had a D70 on it, so we aren't sure if that' is the correct head.   The undercarriage is surprisingly solid. There is quite a bit of surface rust, but nothing terrible at all.    The car was in Arizona for many years. That is more than likely why it is in the condition it is.   It looks like the top has not been up in a while. Someone had a problem trying to raise it and scratched the sides.   

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