1932 Ford 5 Window

"American Graffiti" Milner Coupe



350 ci SBC with 383 Stroker (original 327)

4 Rochester 2 G Carbs ( as original)

Muncie M21 4 Speed Transmission

Man-A-Fre Intake Manifold (as original)

Generic Ribbed Valve Covers

Hurst Shifter w/Piston Shift Knob (as original)

Aluminum Drop Column (as original)

Stewart Warner Gauges (as original)

Gibbon Body

Pete and Jakes Frame

9" Ford Rear End

Front Disc Brakes 

Rear Drum Brakes

Sanderson Headers

Black Tuck and Roll Interior (as original)

Chrome 14" reversed rims Wrapped in Goodyear Tires

Autographed by 3 of the original actors




Garrett Classics is extremely proud to have this exceptional recreation of the original American Graffiti Milner 32 Deuce Coupe.   This recreation is so close to the original, it's hard to tell them apart.  The builder really did his homework.   The car below is a shot from Kips American Graffiti Blog and is the original car from the movie. You can see how close they are.   Kip's blog is one of the best on the history and specs of this car.   

If you come to visit us and look at the 32, be sure to stop at McGee's Country Store and try some of their fantastic food. The BBQ bologna sandwiches are unlike anything else and the fried pies are to die for!!!! 

No diet food here.

When the owner completed the car in 2001, he held a party for the car, and invited some of the original cast. Paul LeMat signed the deck lid which is still visible but had faded a bit.   In 2014, the owner threw another party and again invited Paul as well as Bo Hopkins and Candy Clark. They all signed the dash this time.   

There is a photo from the site Rod Authority and was from the Hot Rod Shop. The Rod Authority site has a very nice bit of history about the car. It also has a list of original specs on the car.   George Lucas did some innovative things in this movie. It was one of his greatest successes. It became such an icon that it went on to bring in more income over original dollars spent than any movie for many years. To this day, it is still viewed by generations of car enthusiasts world wide.

Note the Hurst shifter and piston shifter knob like the original.   This is a shot of the original 32 before it was restored many years ago. According to many articles on this subject, Rick Figari bought, and still owns the original 32 in California. Check out Kip's American Graffiti Blog Spot for more details on the car and great history.   This replica is very close to the original.   This is not just a replica car, it was built to drive and enjoy. We took it to a local car show on Oct. 28th and immediately won peoples choice award.

 The 4 Rochesters are tuned well and the little coupe runs great.    The plate on Milner's car was the idea of George Lucas. It represents his first film in 1971 where he made his directorial debut. It was titled THX 1138 and was a science fiction movie about android police.   The battery has a shut off and there is also a trickle charger already wired in.  

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