1948 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander



323.5 cu in Straight 8- 135hp

Fluid Drive Semi-Automatic Transmission

Twin Heaters

Windshield Washers

Fog Lights

Electric Locking Gas Cap

Clock (working)


Highlander Plaid Upholstery





We are extremely proud to showcase this incredible 1948 Chrysler New Yorker Highlander. This car is truly one of the finest cars we have had in our inventory.    The 1948 Chrysler New Yorker convertible was the most expensive Chrysler produced that year.($2840.) excluding the Town and Country version.   The original owner of this car was a Seattle physician who drove the car for approximately 81,000 miles and finally sold the car in 1989.    We don't know what year the restoration began, but do know it took 2 years to complete, and all work was done to factory specifications. The end result is incredible.

We do not have documentation, but it is believed this could be original miles.   The interior was restored to near perfection. This highlander plaid is just beautiful.    The fluid drive semi - automatic, for those of you wondering how that works, is quite easy to drive. The shift lever only has 3 positions. The upper position is 1st and 2nd and the clutch is not needed for either. The next position in straight down to 3rd and 4th. The clutch is only used to go from 2nd to 3rd. The last position is toward the driver for reverse. Again no clutch is needed for anything but shifting from 2nd to 3rd. The car shifts itself from 1st to 2nd and from 3rd to 4th and it is so smooth you can hardly feel the change in gears.   The clock keeps perfect time.

The quality of the restoration is evident right down to the trunk.   The 323.5 cu in straight 8 is capable of doing 90 mph plus. Many of the 1942-48 eight cylinder sedans were used by the California Highway Patrol due to their fine open road performance.

This car also appeared in an article in Hemmings Classic Car magazine dated December 15, 2013 by Daniel Strohl, where he compares it with the Buick Roadmaster. It was that article that prompted the current owner to track the car down and finally purchase it.   The paint is still extremely nice.   This is not only a collector car, but it can be driven and enjoyed. The current owner is a long time collector and he loves to drive the cars he owns.

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