1953 Nash-Healey LeMans Coupe



Some think that the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette was America’s first genuine post World War II sports car, but no, that honor goes to the rare, desirable 1951-54 Nash-Healey sports car.   There were only approximately 504 Nash Healeys produced from 1951 to 1954. In 1953 there were only 62 LeMans Coupes built and according to the Nash-Healey register, this car is number 5 out of those 62. One of those was one of 150 entries at the Italian International Concours D'Elegance held in Tresa, Italy in March of 1953 and it was awarded first prize.

   The Nash-Healey was an international collaboration of Italian design by Pininfarina, Donald Healey's racing suspension and the Nash Ambassador OHV 6 cylinder engine, and they were sold here in the United States.    Step into this beautiful European designed interior and it brings you back to 1953. research and documents given to the current owner, show that the car was restored in the 1990s. It is still in excellent condition. It is believed that there are only approximately 30 of these coupes left.   

Some of the improvements made by the current owner are;
Rebuilding both Carter carburetors
Replacing the entire exhaust system
Replacing the brake system
Rebuilding the Water pump and fuel pump
New tires installed this past Spring
The Steering wheel was recast.

The leather interior shows no wear and the trim work is outstanding.    The arm below is the turn signal and the knob at the end lights up when engaged.    Using a flash actually shows the maroon that is in the paint. It really looks black until the light hits it just right.   The overhead six cylinder engine with its dual Carter carburetors runs cool and performs well. Its approximate 140hp move the car very well through the 4 gears of its Hydra-Matic automatic transmission. This transmission is not original to the car, but makes this car enjoyable to drive especially for someone not comfortable driving a standard transmission.   The chassis number here matches the frame number and is listed in the Nash-Healey register. The engine number on the block is the same as the vin# on the  title.   The undercarriage is in very very clean. This car does not look like it was restored over 20 years ago.   

Again, this car is a pleasure to drive. At 70mph it cruises quietly at low RPMs. These cars are rare and very reliable and gorgeously styled. You can read a great deal about them on the internet, but you can also own one and bring back a little bit of the past. One of the Nash Healey roadsters was featured in the movie Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and William Holden. 

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