1960 Pontiac Ventua Tri Power


389 CI Tri Power

Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission

Power Brakes

Power Steering

Magi-Cruise Cruise Control

Pontiac Sportable AM Radio

Sportable Portable Transistor Radio

Heater and Defrost

8 Lug Wheels

Spare Tire and Jack 




We are very proud to present this very nicely restored 1960 Pontiac. We don't know the exact year of the restoration, but the car is still in excellent condition top to bottom. It is a 2 time Good Guys award winner at Del Mar, California where there is a great deal of competition.    In 1960 Pontiac introduced it's wide track wheel design giving the car a wider stance and better balance.    Step into this great interior and get ready to cruise in comfort.    The tri-color interior is really well done to it's original look.    The Pontiac Sportable AM radio works well.   The Ventura has this really cool removable transistor radio. These were first introduced in the Pontiacs, Buicks,and Oldsmobiles in 1959 and 1960.    The overhead dome light works as well as the additional reading light that is operated from a small switch.    The engine compartment is very well detailed.   The undercarriage is still in excellent condition. We found no rust and you can see it looks free of leaks.   

There is one flaw in the bright work on the car and that is here on the rear passengers side of the bumper.   THere are a few minor door dings on the sides, but our camera did not even pick them up they are so small.    All full sized Pontiacs from 1960 to 1968 featured these finned 8 lug wheels which aided in cooling the drum brakes. They have become very desirable.   The Ventura is equipped with Magic-Cruise which actually works.    If you get to Lewisville to look at this fantastic Pontiac, be sure to stop in at McGee's Country Store on the corner. Family owned since 1976, they have great breakfast food and fried pies that are so addictive you'll be coming back often.   These 60s Pontiacs were very long and wide cars. This is what gives them their incredible ride. You need to come and drive this car. You will be totally impressed if you have never driven one of these great classics.

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