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1963 Studebaker Avanti Survivor


We are very happy to present this unrestored 63 Avanti. There were 3834 Avantis built in 1963. Of those 2282 were R1s, 772 R1s were built with auto transmission and A/C, and only 399 of those were turquoise.

Our seller found out about this car which was being stored in a warehouse. The previous owner had passed away and the car was in a warehouse with other cars. The owner was just beginning to get started on a full restoration, but now the family was selling off his collection. When the current owner looked at it and realized how original it was, he just had to buy it. He purchased with the intent of storing it in hopes it would increase in value. He did not want to touch this survivor. There were some items changed on the car just before he purchased it. The shocks were replaced, bias ply tires including spare, new exhaust including correct resonators, a new NOS master cylinder, and just recently a new NOS mechanical fuel pump was installed.

The items that will need addressing are as follows:
1- The brakes system should be rebuilt. The front left drags a bit. Included with the car are new factory correct brake pistons and shoes. There is also a master cylinder rebuild kit. Any front disc parts are available at
2- The electronic tach drive needs replacement (still available from Studebaker International)
3-The clock does not work
4- The carburetor needs tuning
5- The battery was replaced in 2018 so it is 4 years old and probably should be replaced.

Other than these few items, the are is great running condition. The engine runs great and the transmission shifts well.

The original 289 cu in 4 bbl engine could use an oil change and tune up, with VR1 1h0w-30 and ZDDP added. The current owner has stored it with 100 low lead aviation fuel. There are no knocks and no valve clatter. In the engine compartment you will see the original Prestolite electronic ignition system. It has been disconnected and is believed to be from the factory. It was an option on the R1s and standard on the R2s. The spark plug covers are all there and the valve covers are originals as well. The car also has no oil or transmission leaks.

The car also has manual steering and power brakes.

The A/C is original and maintains it's York compressor. It blows very cold. The oil was replaced in the compressor and it was charged with Max cold R12 equivalent. There are no leaks in the system.

All of the lights are working properly. The doors shut perfectly, and all windows operate as they should and all windows are clear with no cracks or stars.

The interior in this classic is all original. The carpet is the multicolor weave from 63 and there is just some fading in some areas. There are no tears in the seats or the headliner.
The dash is flawless except for one little star on the drivers side near the A pillar. The sun visors have the rare and hard to find tinted drop down sun reflectors. Included is a new tan dash cover.

The horn works, and the radio and speakers all operate.

The exterior of the car is amazing considering it's age. There are no spider cracks in the fiberglass, no flaws in the body and the paint is all original although it is very faded, and there are chips and some scratches. All of the emblems are intact and are in very good condition. There is a mirror missing on the passenger side, but they are available at Studebaker International.

The bumpers are in excellent condition but could use new rubber tips on the front bumper.

One of the number one items that Avanti buyers look for are the hog troughs. These are located behind the rocker panels and are the first thing to rust out on these cars. We have included pictures of these and you can see they are solid, Short of a bit of surface rust on the undercarriage, this car is very solid.

Included with the car you will receive the build sheet, original owners manual, 2 parts manuals, a repair manual, and a copy of the well know book, What the Shop Manual Won't Tell You- Studebaker Avanti Restoration and Maintenance, by Stan Gundry.

In the words of the current owner:
"This is an incredible example of a survivor car and is in a collector state of existence. Aside from the brakes, the car drives and runs great. The interior is amazing!. I chose to leave it in this condition as a car is only original once. I believe in history and passing these exquisite cars on to the next caretaker. I feel my enjoyment is limited and I want the car to go to the next person that will enjoy and share the history of this iconic car with others."

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