1963 Willys Jeep Pick Up



Off Frame Restoration in 2006

Super Hurricane Inline 6 Engine

3 Speed Manual Transmission w/overdrive

Drum Brakes

Air Conditioning

Wheels form A CJ-8 Jeep Scrambler

Updated Radio




We are very happy to have this incredible 1963 Willys Jeep pick up in our current inventory. This is a very nice restoration. Completed in 2006, the truck is still in outstanding condition.  These Willys Jeep pick ups were produced from 1946 to 1964.  This is one of many Jeeps we have sold for this client. We have sold several Jeep Wagoneers, 3 Jeepsters and many other fine cars. His Jeeps are always in extremely good condition.  This pick up is no exception.

Overdrive was not available on the 3 speed transmissions. However there are companies that have the parts to convert your 3 speed and add overdrive. There is one well known company called "Herm The Overdrive Guy." That is what was done to this Jeep.

 The interior is in excellent condition. The vinyl fabric was well chosen and professionally installed.  Another addition was air conditioning. It is an aftermarket unit, and works very well. The cab stays nice and cold on our hot Texas days.  An newer radio with XM capability was added.   The bed is solid and rust free.   The color of the Jeep is actually red. The inside shots under the florescent lights make it appear more orange.   We are not sure, but most information we have found shows the 63 Willys Jeep to have 3 bars on the grill. When this one was restored, the shop put 5 bars on it like the 53 Willys had. They apparently liked the look better.

The high compression 226 head is part#905574 (Ratio 7.3:1) for operating over 5000 ft.  These were known as  high altitude heads. They were used in Willys from 1954 to 1963.  In 1953, the 473 became the "475" and the number of horizontal grille bars dropped from five to three. The 475 did not last considerably long, and was available only until the introduction of the 6-226 model in the following year. The 6-226 model, with a 226 cu in 6-cylinder "Super Hurricane" engine, continued in production through 1962, when it was replaced by the 6-230 Tornado OHC engine. One more change was notable in 1954, which was the addition of a large window in the back which essentially covered the cab of the truck.

It appears that this could be a 1962 Head, but we haven't been able to decode the engine number.   The undercarriage is in very nice condition. Everything looks solid. We have had no leaks while it has been on our showroom floor.  This is a very original Willys. Aside from the few modifications, everything on the truck when restored was original.   


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