1964 Chevy Impala Sport Coupe


283 4.8 Long Block

Rebuilt Rochester 2GC Carburetor

2 Speed Poweglide Transmission

Intake and Exhaust manifolds Powder Coated

Power Steering

Drum Brakes Front and Rear

Dual Turbo Exhaust System

Almost All Moldings Replaced

New Door and Window Seals

Rally Wheels

New Interior Handles

New Carpet

Body Media Blasted and Coated

Much Much More ( Receipts for All)


We are very proud to present this very nicely restored 64 Impala. One of Chevy's most popular models today.   Purchased in 2014, the car was restored over a period of a year in 2015. On May 1st of 2015 a GM 4.8  283 remanufactured Long Block engine was purchased from Mabbco Motors. It was from a full size GM from 58-66.   When the owner purchased the car in 2014 it had 103009 miles on the odometer. When the new engine was installed and started for the first time id had 105292 miles. As of this ad, it has 109512 which is a total of 4220 miles logged on the new engine.  Oil was changed after 50 miles on the first break in and then again at 1000 miles. 

The fuel gauge is working.   Since the old 64 didn't have many gauges, auxiliary gauges were added. They are all working fine. The car held around 189 when we were doing videos.    The original radio is not working.    The interior is all new including the headliner and carpet.    What we believe is the original Rochester carburetor was rebuilt.    The brakes were all rebuilt as well as the front suspension.     There is a notepad with all of the original information on the car, and notes as to miles when engine was installed.    here are only a few minor flaws in the paint. There are 2 small scratches on the trunk and rear fender and a few little air bubbles on the very front edge of the hood.

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