1964 Willys Jeep CJ5

This Jeep has a pedigree. In 2011 it was given away along with a 2011 Jeep on Spike TV to celebrate the 50th anniversary of 4 Wheel Parts. The restoration was done by Crown Automotive. We have a letter from Adam Pratt of Crown explaining the fact that this is actually a 64 and they called it a 61 for the TV show.

Penned from the desk of Adam Pratt of Crown Automotive 


" This 1964 CJ5 Tuxedo Park was purchased in 2010 by 4WP in California. They were looking for a 1961 so it would coincide with their 50th anniversary. After having issues finding a nice 61, they purchased the 64. This would then be referred to as a 61. It was sent to Ohio to 4WD Hardware for us to evaluate. It was a nice Jeep, but stil needed a frame up restoration. I was the head of teh build with a few other guys. The body was filled with drill holes and we plugged them all up with weld. We replaced the entire floor of the Jeep and it was sent out for paint. The engine, axles, and transfer case were given total rebuilds using Crown Automotive parts. The transmission was gone through with new seals. I painted the chasis and engine after these were back from media blasting. From there everything was replaced during the rebuild. Bestop sent us a Supertop, Warn sent the 8274 winch that was on it, KC gave us the lights, and Smittybilt gave us the seats. Wwe were shooting for an old school 60s build. After it was completed it went to Spike TV where it was given away."

The fact that this is not only a Jeep that was on TV, but it is also a Tuxedo Park, make it very special. There were only approximately 460 CJ- 6A Tuxedo Parks built. You can tell it is a Tuxedo Park by the first 4 numbers of the vin. They all began with 8322. When this was restored, they went for the look and not the Tuxedo Park specs. They were more interested in making this a 61 Jeep look a like than making it a restored Tuxedo Park.   We have a great 1964 Willys Jeep CJ5 here. Even though it was restored in 2010, it still looks great, has no leaks and runs great. The winch and front lights that were on it were taken off after the Jeep was given away in 2011.

The soft doors and side curtains look like they have never been used.    This Jeep speaks for itself. What can we say about it? The interior, undercarriage and engine compartment look great.   The interior is in excellent condition. It shows very little wear since the build in 2011.    The engine compartment is really clean. The 4 cylinder engine still runs great after it's rebuild in 2010.   

The undercarriage looks great. You can see there is no rust at all.   Again, the transfer case was rebuilt during the restoration.   The paint is still excellent on the CJ. There are no chips or flaws.   We have the 3 videos explaining the entire story of the Jeep. We can't put links in our ads. Please call us if you would like to have them.   This is really a beautiful Jeep. You won't have to do a thing but get in, turn the key, and drive away.   

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