1965 Ford Fairlane 500 Drag Racer

Les Ritchey's Performance Associates



289/271 HP Engine

Correct HIPO Heads

Cobra Aluminum Intake

735 CFM Holley Carburetor

Custom Air Intake

Rebuilt Carter HIPO Fuel Pump

Coated Hooker Headers

C4 Auto Transmission

Factory Sealer Delete Car

Door Tag DSO of 89 - Transportation Services(same as Thunderbolts)

Driveshaft Loop installed by Les Ritchey's Shop in 1965

Traction Master Traction Bars

Original Glass Except Windshield

Silver Blue Metalic with Satin Black Engine Compartment

Crager SS Wheels

Pie Crust Slicks in rear

Class Champion at Pomona in 1965

Best Ford Restoration at 2015 MCACN Show

Rotisserie Restoration to Bare Metal




We are very proud to have been chosen to showcase and sell this incredibly restored 65 Fairlane.

We would appreciate it very much if you would not contact the restoration shop mentioned in the ad. They have consigned the car to us to sell and we will be happy to answer any questions for you.

If you are a serious buyer, we can later get you in contact with them.

In 2008 the owners of A & R Restorations found a gentleman in Lewisville, Texas, selling off some old Fords. They bought some of the cars and in the batch was this car that the older gentleman said he had drag raced in the 1970s. The owner also sold them some engines. He thought he had blown the engine in the 65 Fairlane back in the day, but come to find out the original engine was one of the engines they bought.

A & R Restorations of Emory , Texas brought this piece of history back to it's original glory.

The body was still in good condition. All original body parts were used with the exception of the hood and deck lid.

This is the original engine. It along with the original transmission and rear axle and radiator were all used in the car.  

A & R contacted Ford to have the VIN decoded and this was the response.  

They also contacted Dennis Kolodzeig, who is the expert on Ford Thunderbolts and other Ford history.

The following letter authenticates the car. All documents are notarized and we have the originals. 

 In 1965, Ford built two Fairlane 500s with 289 High Performance engines for D/Stock Automatic drag racing, ordered through Ford Transportation Services with seam sealer delete. This is the car that was sold to Les Ritchey's Performance Associates for $1.00. It is believed to be the only one left.

Below is the actual Intra-Company Communication of the car being sold to Les Ritchey for $1.00. Note only the 2 Fairlanes at the bottom.  We have an entire notebook of documents proving the authenticity of this car.  

The pictures speak for themselves. Years of hard work and research, not to mention money, went into this project. It became a labor of love in my opinion. The way these men talk about the car, it was more than just a restoration. It was bringing back an important piece of American drag racing history from the 1960s.

Mel Burns Ford was well known in southern California as the go to place for Ford Cobra and Shelby parts. The Fairlane was actually used in many magazine ads for Shelby parts.  

Under the hood, you will find the original block that has been brought back to as close to original as you can get. A & R Restorations took all the photos they could find and followed them to restore this engine to it's hay days on the drag strip.  You will notice in the then picture in the beginning of the ad, they went as far as to braise this rod just as it was in 1965.  Some of the decals were almost non existent, so A & R found artwork for the hard to find ones and had them recreated. 

The back seat is actually fiberglass, for less weight.  A& R got in contact with Les Ritchey's brother Dwight, and he actually drove the car up to the stage at the Mecum auction in 2015 and signed the trunk lid.  You can see the attention to detail in the undercarriage.  Les Ritchey and his friend Ron Root raced the Fairlane in 65 and then Les bought one of Ford's 1966 Mustang drag development cars, and Ron Root was to buy the Fairlane for $500.  In 66 Les Ritchie  lost his life racing that Mustang.  This car was campaigned out of the Mel Burns Ford Drag team and included not only Les Ritchey, but famous drag racers such as Connie Kalitta and Gas Ronda.  This was a complete rotisserie restoration begun around 2008 not long after the car was purchsed.

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