1966 Chevy Nova II


327ci 350hp V-8

4 speed Muncie Transmission

Power Assist Drum Brakes

Power Steering

All Original Glass Except Windshield

Coker 14" Tires w/3/8" Dual Red Lines

12 Bolt Rear 

Kneenocker Tach

Stainless Steel Dual Exhausts

The engine is a small block journal 1966 from a Chevelle not a Nova.

Steel Crank

462 Close Chamber Heads

Flat Top Forged Pistons

Motor Built to 1966 Chevelle L79 Specs

Intake is off a DZ302

Rear End 12 Bolt 3.73 Factory Posi

Moser Axles





In the following photos you will see just some of the incredible restoration and the result of this not often seen Chevy II post. Of the 2500 or so Chevy II post cars in 1966 only about 800 of them were V-8 4 speed cars, and even fewer were L79s. This is a V-8 car as you will see by the vin and the data plate. It is built to be as close to a real L79 as possible.   The restoration began at the end of 2012 and was completed in 2014. The car still looks fantastic. The current owner bought it not long after it was completed and has only driven it a few times.

These little Chevy IIs are a very desirable. This one is especially nice. These cars were raced in 1966 and many were wrecked. The builder was very fortunate to find this solid exceptional body. He turned it into one of the finest L79 recreations out there. Without the dealer purchase order or window sticker, there was no way to tell if this was an L79 from the factory, so he did the next best thing and built it to be as close as possible.   

This is the original speedometer. The mileage is believed to be actual for the car considering the condition of it when found. Since the restoration, and the fact that the engine was completely rebuilt, the mileage on the engine is less than 1000.   

If you decode the VIN tag, you can see this was a V-8 from the factory.

114- V-8 

11- Chevy II

6- 1966

W- Willow Run, Michigan

Here are just a few of the restoration photos. You can see the solid car that the shop started with.    The builder was Richard, the owner of a body shop in Tallahassee, FL. He went as far as to write his name and phone number on some of the body parts.   There was not one part on this car that was overlooked. The engine was completely rebuilt. The car was sand blasted and completely painted from top to bottom.   The factory original hub caps were restored and look as good as new. They fit the factory steel 14" wheels that are wrapped in Coker double red lines.

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