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1968 Buick Riviera GS



430 ci V-8, (not original,1969)

2 Speed Auto Transmission

Posi Traction Rear

Riviera GS Package

Super Deluxe Wheel Covers

Power Windows

Factory A/C ( converted to 134A just recently and blows very cold)

6 Way Power Seat

Custom Vinyl Top

Much more

We are presenting this car for it's owner. He is only the 2nd owner of the car. Purchased by James Melisartos new in Torrington , CT at Gibbons Cadillac-Buick. Mr. Melisartos lived in NY state and kept the car until his death. The car was garage kept and was in very good condition. It remained in storage for 21 years until his nephew who inherited the car decided to restore it. He never titled the car in his name. The restoration began in 2015 and was never totally completed until the current owner found out about the car and convinced the nephew to sell it as it was. The car had been completely painted to it's original white and the engine removed so the engine compartment could be painted as well. The paint job is impeccable. I did not find a single flaw. The chrome is good. There is some pitting in the brightwork, but not anything that needs to be addressed immediately. The nephew also replaced the engine and when he did, he found a low mileage 69 block with approximately 76,000 miles on it. The current owner installed new valve cover gaskets, thermostat, water pump and coolant. He changed the oil, filter, plugs and plug wires, points and condenser. Also, when the new engine was installed, the gas tank was removed and cleaned, and all fuel lines were flushed, and a new fuel pump was installed. The carburetor was rebuilt at that time as well.

The new owner finished the car out. He had the correct vinyl top installed professionally in Dallas. He even sourced the original Black Levant fabric from SMS Auto Fabric. He installed all trim, front and rear windows, new tires (he decided on red lines instead of the original wide whites). He also replaced the mufflers and rear tail pipes. Also recently done was an oil and filter change, and a new water pump, coolant, belts, wiper blades and various bulbs, gas cap, and some under hood decals, were all replaced.

Within the last month, the air conditioning system was converted to 134A with the conversion kit which uses the factory system. The owner also replace the headlight switch with an NOS replacement. Everything works very well on this car. This car is amazing. It does not smoke and has no leaks. I can vouch for that. The car is kept in a carpeted garage, and there is not a spot on that carpet, and no drip pan under it. How many classic car owners can say that?

The interior was original and in excellent condition. There is one small flaw in the driver's seat bolster where the piping is showing through. We show this in the photos. The only thing replaced were the door sills and the owner has the originals.

You will see in the photos, the original dealer order, owners manual, a window sticker, original warranty card, and several receipts and old registrations. The original Dealer order shows the GS package which includes heavy duty suspension, a chrome air breather, special badging,

In 1968 there were 49,284 Buicks built, of these, only 5337 were GS packages. This is a very fine example of one of these cars. I can honestly say the car runs and drives well. While filming the video, I heard the transmission shift properly and the car performed very well. There was not any noticeable play in the steering, the brakes worked well, and the car rode very smoothly. This is a great car to cruise in. Just recently the owner drove the car 1 hour to a location for a television shoot and back home again. The car performed perfectly. We can't mention the show until it airs, but the buyer of this fantastic Buick may be buying a celebrity.

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