1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow LWB


6.75L V-8 

Turbo Hydra-Matic Auto Transmission

Air Conditioning

Cruise Control

Power Windows

Power Seats

Power Locks

Recent Restoration



We are very proud to present this extremely nice 1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow long wheel base car. There were only 2780 of these cars built from 1969 to 1977. There were 16,717 standard Silver Shadows built from 1965 to 1977. So, you can see how rare these cars are.    We are extremely proud to present this car at Garrett Classics. We are selling the car for its owner. He happens to be the owner of one of the areas well known Rolls Royce repair shops. He did all of the work on this car himself. You will see an invoice of all of the work done on the car from 2016 to present.    The car was repainted in it's original Chrome Yellow color.    The interior was restored. The leather was in good condition and just needed to be re-dyed. The wood was restored as well.   The original steering wheel was replaced at some point with the popular Nardi Torino wheel.    The 51,539 miles are believed to be original. We have no documentation to prove this, but the condition of the car leads us to believe it's very possible.   The air conditioning works great, as well as the radio, clock, and all of the other items on the car.   The workmanship in a Rolls Royce is outstanding. These cars are hand built one at a time. There were no assembly lines producing hundreds of cars a day.

The car at some point was badged as a Silver Wraith II. The mirrors were also changed. The owner being an expert on these cars assures us this is not a Silver Wraith. There is also a badge in the engine compartment that says Silver Shadow and it is original.    The trunk is very original and in very good condition. The original jack is there in it's compartment.    There is actually a battery shut off that works well. You can shut the battery off when the car is in the garage or even just as a theft deterrent when parked.   You will see by the following invoices, that there was a substantial amount of cosmetic and mechanical restoration that went into the Rolls from approximately 2016 through 2019. There are no prices on these pages because the owner of Precision Autoworks owns the car and did all of the work himself. If you were to have taken this car to him as a customer, the total on these 2 pages would have been just at about $75,000.

The owner of this independent Rolls Royce repair shop is a factory certified mechanic for Rolls and Bentley and has trained at the Rolls Royce factory. He is well known in the industry and receives cars from all over the country to work on. We can be very confident that a buyer is going to get a very nice reliable car.   The owner will be happy to speak to a serious buyer if there are questions we can't answer. Please call us first and respect his privacy unless you are really interested in buying. He is very busy and put the car in our hands so he could concentrate on doing his work on his customers cars.   The Spirit Of Extacy flies proudly on the hood.   The engine compartment is very clean. During the restoration it was cleaned and there are several new parts.   I think our photos speak for themselves. This car is in excellent condition.   The undercarriage photos show the work done on the brakes and suspension. You can see how clean it is as well.    The next 5 photos are the few flaws we found on the car.

   This car drives and rides beautifully. You really need to test drive a Rolls Royce to appreciate it if you've never owned one. Most people are afraid to buy one because of the extreme maintenance costs if anything goes wrong. With this car, you don't need to worry about that, everything has already been done. The most expensive repairs are usually the suspension, brakes and air conditioning. All of those things have been rebuilt along with every other part of this car.   Even though the owner did not restore this car to be a show car, it has taken 3 awards since restoration.

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