1983 Datsun 280 ZX


2.8L  171 cu in Inline 6 - Rated at 145HP

5 Speed Manual Transmission

4 Wheel Power Disc Brakes

Rack And Pinion Steering

A/C (not blowing cold)

Cruise Control 




We are presenting this very nice driver quality Datsun for it's owner.    It appears there may be an error on the Auto Check report. The first mileage reported was in 2001 and it shows 242,000 miles. The mileage after that seems to be more correct. Looking at the condition of the car, it is hard to believe that it has that many miles on it.    The dash has no cracks or fading.    The interior is in very good condition for it's age. We believe this to be an unrestored car accept for the paint. 

The top is missing a strip of stainless where the t-top goes in.   The glass t-tops are in good condition but have some scratches on one, and the painted edge of one is chipped.   Another subtle change in the redesigned 82, 83 models was the addition of this stainless panel over the  pillar.    Also new were the "pinstripe" tail lights.   You can see some scratches on the hood.    Nissan gave the 280ZX a facelift in 1982 and 1983, with a new NACA ducting configuration.    The undercarriage is very solid and shows no signs of rust.

 New for the 82,83 280ZX were these 14 inch  5 spoke alloy wheels only on the non turbo models. All four of these wheels are in great shape.   This is the only bad spot on the car. It's on the driver's door.   Nissan's Z cars have always been very popular. Come on in and take a look at this one. These are great cars to drive and they handle very well on the road.   

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