1983 Pontiac Firebird T/A


305 ci  V-8 

5 Speed Manual Transmission

Disc Brakes Front Drums Rear

Power Steering

Power Windows 

Power Seats

A/C (In Op)


For those of you who remember the TV show Knight Rider, the 82 T/A is the car used in that show. The 83 is still the same body style and looks like "Kitt".   This original 83 T/A is in very good condition. It's a great driver. The paint has been redone and the body appears to be very solid.    This is a very original car. The interior is all original. It is faded and there are some seams separating, but all in all, it's not in bad condition. 

The air conditioning is the factory original, however not all parts are there so it is not currently working.    The odometer is showing 86,895 miles and that is believed to be actual. You will see the Auto Check report shows no mileage. The  last 4 owners were all friends and  the car went from one to the other. It spent most of it's life in Iowa where they are from.    This is a great driver quality car and is at a price very affordable to get into your first classic. 

The power seats and windows are all working.     The carpet is also faded, but in fair condition, so it could be dyed.   The engine compartment is in very good condition. It is well detailed and you will see the a/c unit is there, but not currently working.    The 305 original engine is running well.    The body of this car is in excellent condition. It has been repainted, and the paint is still in excellent condition. There are no rust bubbles and the finish is very nice.    

The undercarriage is original. There is surface rust in areas, but only one small area where the rust is more noticeable.    The rocker panels are done in the textured finish, but are in very good straight condition. As we said earlier, the body is in really good condition.   The glass T-Tops are in great condition.    

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