1989 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit


6.75L V-8

THM 400 3 Speed Auto Transmission

Rack And Pinion Steering

Disc Brakes Front And Rear


Power Steering

Real Lambs Wool Floor Mats 




We are proud to present this very nice Rolls Royce Silver Spur. The Auto Check report shows the car to be actual miles, and the overall report is very good.   This is a multi award winning car. The current owner won 3 prestigious awards with this beautiful Rolls Royce in 2006, 2007, and 2009.   The wood grain dash is in excellent condition. There are some surface scratches but no cracks and the gauges look good and all work.   The headliner was replaced in 2006. The rest of the interior is original.

The drivers seat has this area that is showing some wear. This is the only worn area in the interior. It is very minor considering the age of the car. A good leather conditioner will bring this back to looking like new.   There are even a set of RR coasters to be used on the pull down trays in the back seat area.    You have to see this car to believe it. The interior is in such incredible condition. for a 30 year old car.   You can see how well this car has been maintained. The interior is beautiful.   The interior lights are working.    The portable phone is intact. Not sure it could be functional today.    Not only is the dash in excellent condition, the rear package tray area is also contact.   Behind the small fold down partition in the upper part of the trunk, you will find all of the tools that came with the car when new. In the following pictures you will see the compartment with the bottle of mineral oil and other items that were in these cars when new. 

There is a set of jumper cables in their RR carry case, a seat back utility bag, and even the picnic basket comes with it.    In addition to a set of floor mats made to protect the carpet, a full set of real lambs wool floor mats come with the car.    The engine compartment is very clean and detailed. We see no leaks here or under the car.    The current owner purchased the Rolls Royce in 2005. H has taken very good care of it and has had every little thing repaired that needed it. We have all receipts  from 2006 to 2018.   The undercarriage is very nice on this 30 year old car. There is no rust and we have hd no leaks while it has been with us.    The vinyl top was dyed by the previous owner before 2005. It has started to fade and probably needs to be done again. That is really the only thing the car needs.    

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