1996 Mercedes SL500



5.0L V-8 Engine

5 Speed Auto Transmission

315 HP

Hard and Soft Top

Car Cover

All of the Options Available to This Model





Yes, this car is badged as a V-12 SL600. It is not. The 2nd owner thought it would be cool to do that. It's like badging a classic 60s Chevelle as a 396 SS when it's actually a 350.   This is an exceptional 96 Mercedes SL500. Having spent the majority of it's life in southern California, it just came to the Dallas area within the last few years, when the 3rd owner moved here.   Everything is working on the car. The hard top mechanism works well as well as the soft top. The 3rd owner spent over $600. having the soft top actuator cylinders rebuilt just within the past year.  

The soft top is in very good condition.    The interior is in excellent condition. The seats are still soft and showing only very minor wear.   The dash and console are also like new.   The only minor item we found with the car is the trunk lid does not stay up very well. The cylinders need replacing.    The original first aid kit, a tool box, car cover and CD player are all present in the trunk. There is also a wind screen hidden in the trunk for when the top is down and the roll bar is up.

The binder has every invoice for the work done on the car since 2001. It shows everything from oxygen sensors to brakes and many other components replaced over the years. It shows how well the car was maintained.   The paint has become a little thin and shows a bit of wear on the front bumper. There are a few minor flaws on the paint, and one very tiny dent on the front passenger side fender.     The engine compartment is in excellent condition. Please watch our video to see and hear the car in action.

The undercarriage is proof of the great climate this car has lived in for all of it's life. It is obvious that it was probably hardly ever driven in the rain.   We want to say again, the 2nd owner decided to badge the car as an SL600 V-12. It's like having a 69 Chevelle with a 350 cu in badged as a 396 SS. It's all about image. None the less, this is a great V-8 SL500.   All 4 wheels are in very good condition. There is a bit of curb rash on the outer edge of 2 of them, but not really noticeable. 

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