1993 Chevy 454 SS



454ci  7.4L V-8

GM 14 Bolt Rear W/ Floating Axles/ 5 Lug Wheels (rare)

4 Speed Auto Transmission 

Power Steering Power Brakes

Air Conditioning ( blows cold)

Bed Cover




1993 would be the last year for these limited production trucks, and only approximately 600 were built that year. Chevy had a great concept with the 454SS pick ups. Drop a big truck 454ci engine into a light weight Chevy Silverado pick up and hold on. This is a very fast little truck!  

Originally in 1990 which was the 1st year of production the only color available was Onyx Black with red interior. Later GM added red, white and a few silver. The trucks were produced for only 4 years with a total of 17,000 total. In the 90s, they were considered a real hot truck. Today they have become very collectible.   This truck's interior is very nice. The gray fabric is very clean There was just recently a brand new headliner installed.

There are no cracks in the dash.  There is a control in the glove box that shifts the transmission from low for towing a trailer, to the center setting for everyday running, and the third for burning the tires in all 4 gears.  The original jack is in place behind the seat.  The 454 runs strong and the truck shifts smoothly through it's gears. Because these engines are low compression, the truck runs on regular gas. With the  you can drive this truck everyday and not worry about the cost of high octane gas. It also gets very good gas mileage.  

There is some surface rust on the undercarriage, but the body appears solid and rust free.  The paint is very good, with just a few minor little issues, pictured below.  The front bumper has stone chips and 2 tiny rust spots. These are minor and the bumper can be easily repainted.  

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