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1931 Chevrolet Five Passenger

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194 cubic inch "Stovebolt Six" 


3-Speed Manual Transmission


Chevrolet Two-Tone Green & Black Colors with Apple Green Pinstripe


Correct Apple Green Wire Wheels & Wide Whitewall Tires


Dual Sidemount Spare Tires/Wheels


Dual Chromed Horns


Rear Window Shades - 3


Rear Collapsible Luggage Tray




Emergency Brake


Factory Instrumentation - Functional Speedometer & Odometer


Interior Correct - by LeBaron Bonney


6-Volt Charging System


Excellent Touring Vehicle - Drives Tight




Garrett Classics is proud to showcase this unusual & beautiful 1931 Chevrolet Five Passenger Coupe. This car was considered to be the direct competitor to Ford's Victoria and is very similar in design. Over 600,000 Chevrolet's were produced in '31, however only 20,000 or so were Five Passenger Coupes. This was a new body style introduced in April of 1931. This particular car is in exceptional condition, displaying an older complete restoration to original along with recent updates such as new tires. This is an excellent car for touring, it is easy to drive and tight on the road. Be sure to play the special road test video put together for this '31 Chevrolet as well. We hope you enjoy our presentation. 

The exterior displays Chevrolet colors in an attractive two tone paint combination with Apple Green wheels & matching pinstripe. While not perfect, the paint is in very good to excellent condition throughout. This is an all-steel example in exceptional condition.  This unique trunk design is part of what makes this car special.   The tires were recently replaced all around.   Again, this car is a pleasure to cruise in. The steering and brakes operate as they should. The engine has good power. It is a capable 1930's car that goes down the road well.  Open the doors to 1931. The interior features upholstery by LeBaron Bonney. The dash instrumentation is functional including the odometer & speedometer. 

Factory optioned Hot Water Heater.  The engine compartment displays the 194 cubic inch Stovebolt Six inline engine. The firewall is in very good condition, complete with original trim/color/body date plate intact.  The undercarriage appears to be exceptionally solid throughout.   This is your opportunity to own a very unique & rare collectible automobile in the 1931 Chevrolet 5 Passenger Coupe.

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