1955 Chevrolet Bel Air



Rare 2-tone Color Combination #610

Glacier Blue & Skyline Blue


265Ci Power pack V8


4 Barrel Carburetor


Dual Exhausts


2-Speed Automatic Powerglide Transmission


New Blue Vinyl Convertible Top


Completely Reupholstered Interior


Optional Accessories:

Power Steering, Power Brakes, Powerglide Transmission


Continental Kit


Electric Clock


Dual Spot Lights


Autronic Eye

( Automatic Headlight Dimer)


Fender Skirts W/ Stainless Trim


Wire Wheel Covers

W/ White Wall Tires


Chrome Grill Bar


Chrome Bumper Guards & Bumper "Wings"


Traffic Light Viewer & Compass


Stainless Fender Gravel Guards


Stainless Sill Moldings


Wonder Bar Radio- Operational


Gasoline Tank Filler Guard


Tissue Dispenser


and many more




Texas Classic Cars Of Dallas is extremely proud to showcase this immaculate collector quality 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible. The 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air is a true icon in the American classic car market. Going into any auto show these cars are most definitely always admired, and especially ones as nice as this 1955 Chevy. With a great deal of money and work invested, you can be assured it is top of the line, starting with a very rare and correct paint combination of Skyline Blue over Glacier Blue, it is the perfect example of the popular Bel Air. Raising the value of this car are all of the factory added options that it has in place, such as the Autronic eye that dims the headlights for oncoming traffic or the original dual spot lights and the continental kit plus the ever rarer wire wheel covers, there is also a tissue dispenser in place, that was one of the rare options. All of these options are very rare and increase the value of this Bel Air even further. The car will most certainly continue to be a great investment. Powered by its original 265ci 180hp V8 , which includes the added option of the power pack , a 4 barrel carburetor and dual exhausts, this beauty has ample power.

Mated to its original V8 is the optional 2-speed Powerglide automatic that is extremely reliable and cruises well at any speed. This Bel Air has been meticulously restored with exhibition in mind and only with new or restored trim and components. The engine bay is very correct and clean with GM hoses , vintage clamps and proper color on parts, that also goes for the trunk with its tools and mat correctly placed and very clean. The interior has been completely reupholstered and looks as good as new or better with the proper carpet and it has its original Wonderbar AM Radio. The seats show very little or no wear whatsoever. Another testament of how nice and clean this car is comes from the undercarriage where great attention to detail went into assuring that is was as original and unmolested as possible. This 1955 Bel Air will look great in your garage and collection, as well as a great driver and one to enjoy. These cars will just keep climbing in value so don't miss your opportunity to own a very rare and beautiful 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. For further questions feel free to contact Dave at 214-213-7072 or Maris at 214-616-2317 and feel free to visit our showroom view many other great classic in our collection.

Starting from the front of the car, notice the California one piece bumper, with its grill and bumper guards and wings. As we follow the car along the side, notice the optional stainless side molding, fender skirts, and it's rare and beautiful wire wheel covers. The paint on our 55 shows extremely well, with no chips or scratches. The car also boasts this beautiful continental kit which ads an additional $5000 to the list of optional accessories. These accessories cost far more today than they did in 1955. For example, the continental kit in 1955 would set you back $123. This rare colored 55 beauty has been in the hands of collectors for most of it's life, meticulously taken care of by each. the current owner has taken the car to an even higher level with many added items.

A few other extras include, door handle guards, gas tank filler guard, front fender guards, and dual spot lights. You will notice there is only one on the car at the time we took photos. The other one is being rechromed because the owner wanted it to be perfect. This riders side spotlight was reinstalled since our initial photo shoot. The engine compartment is close to perfect. Restored to be as original as it could be, it houses the original 265 ci small block V-8. This new valuable reproduction Delco battery was just installed. This was just installed, so please ignore the shots of the old battery that was in the car when originally photographed. You can see the optional windshield washer bottle and hoses. All parts are intact, but it is not currently operating.

The electric clock was an option and is also functioning. Two more options are the ultra rare original 1955 compass, not a reproduction, and the traffic light viewer. This item was helpful for viewing overhead traffic lights. You could look into the viewer and see the light above.

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