1976 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow



6.7 Liter V8


Automatic Transmission


Cruise Control


Air Conditioning - Needs Service (In-Op) 


Power Windows


Power Steering & Power Brakes


Factory Wheels/Wheelcovers & Whitewall Radials


Tan Leather Hides


Foot Rests 


New Battery




The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow has been sold in many colours in its production run. 1976 would be the last of the Silver Shadow I. These cars could be ordered in any color you wish. Many customers opted to choose a color with a special meaning in their life. A Two-Tone color scheme could be opted for at no extra cost such as this fabulous car. When the two-tone scheme was opted for, Rolls Royce suggest the darker color for the lower section, however the customer was free to choose as they wished. This example was ordered in a beautiful combination of what appears to be Ocean Foam & Scots Pine Green. This example has a stack of maintenance records as well. It has been cared for over the years. We have receipts for thousands spent in repair & upkeep.

The exterior finish is in good condition & presents very well, however there are a number of flaws. The paint is chipped along the beltline on the driver's door. Also there are a pair of shallow dings along the driver's door, lower ride side. There are also some tiny rust bubbles showing on the top door edges, again see photos below.

Without knowing the history of this Silver Shadow, it appears that the interior is original but that the car may have been painted once.   The interior is compiled of quality leather hide & Rolls Royce accompaniments. The air conditioning is in need of service, not blowing cold. The gauges and dash show well as does the wood. Although not perfect, very presentable. The leather shows well front to back. The wood trim is in decent condition, the coating-finish is chipping in many places on the door panels especially, not too bad, just showing some age.  

Under the hood is the 6.7 liter V8 engine. The firewall, inner fenders, and core support are in good condition. 

In 2007, the rear motor mounts were replaced, the power steering lines were replaced, as well as the brake pressure switches. In 2009 the fuel pump was replaced and several hoses and belts and service.


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