1968 Ford Transit Van Mark 1



This is a great vehicle. Produced in the United Kingdom, the first generation Mark I was produced from 1965 to 1978.   

We decided to take the fire truck to our local Highland Village fire department for some great shots with our awesome fire fighters and their state of the art new equipment. Quite a contrast!!

There is the blue flashing light and a siren. We have spare blue lights.

This great Transit Van is believed to be one of the only ones in the US. This one was imported into California not long ago where the current owner purchased it.  This particular Van was produced specifically to be shipped to Germany to be used as a fire truck.  All of the labels on the van are in German. We also noted that the logos on the van are from a club in Germany called Ford AC Saar. The van apparently went on tour from city to city. We found several clubs on Facebook. We even have a first place trophy won by the owner at the Ford Freunde Trier e.V.  

The body is solid and we found no major repairs, just some touch ups.  The engine used in the first generation Transit vans was the V4 at 1.7 and 2.0 litres. This model is the 2.0 we believe. It runs very well and the transmission shifts smoothly.

The odometer reads in kilometers, and is believed to be actual mileage. The title shows actual mileage. 19,165 kilometers equals 11,908 miles.  The rear axle has twin rear wheels and widened arches.  The original  heater is intact and works very well.  The interior is in good condition. We are not sure what has been restored, The front seats appear to be original upholstery and the rear seats were probably added later.  The van seats 8 comfortably. This would be a great addition to a business for a local delivery truck, put a wrap on it and drive it anywhere, as a shuttle for your clients. The options are endless.

The wheel wells show no rust.  There is some surface rust on the undercarriage, but nothing serious. The floors look solid as does the rest of the undercarriage.  There are some flaws in the body, but it's not a new truck.

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